Pre eXecutable Environment Long Wave (PXEL)


At Long Wave Inc. our PXEL design takes current PXE technology to the next level as we are able to boot diskless desktop clients running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.  Our customers leverage PXEL to deploy their solutions in a secure environment; this allows them to secure their Windows Server 2016 installations behind lock and key. PXEL implementations allow our customers to provide their users with access to Windows Desktop on diskless clients.  With PXEL you don’t have to pull secure hard drives from desktop clients at the end of the day.  You can just shut down the PXEL server and pull the server hard drives to secure in a vault, if the server isn’t already in a secure area.  PXEL also prevents data loss with normal non-raid desktop clients, since the Windows Desktop actually is housed on the PXEL server which employs a hard drive raid configuration along with a central location to backup nightly.

PXEL was designed to create the flexibility that our customers demand. It can be deployed by our customer through our automated deployment process, or we also provide on-site installation by highly trained Long Wave personnel. Either method can be customized to fit our customer’s needs. Once deployed PXEL is used to create a base desktop image. The base image can be setup to include any number of standard deployments to fit our customer’s needs. Many of our customers choose to deploy a base image for their various jobs types, accounting, software development, general admin, etc. Once a base image has been created and booted, each desktop has a cached image it will boot from that maintains the user’s changes to that desktop.  This cached image can be removed so the users can quickly reboot from the original base image they started on.  Giving our customers the ability to boot daily with clean desktop environments for all their users.

PXEL works in a manner that gives our customer’s users a desktop experience without even knowing they are running from a diskless desktop workstation.  Unlike virtual desktops, where users share server resources to do their daily work.  These desktop workstations don’t share hardware resources and use the hardware in the desktop to function (i.e. Sound Cards, Video Cards, RAM and other devices).  Deploying PXEL allows our users to immediately improve their IT efficiency and security throughout their workstations.